All BlackBerry phones are java based, and there are two SDK options for developing software on them: MIDP/CLDC and BlackBerry specific APIs. The generic MIDP/CLDC route would work on any java based phone (or at least could be debugged on any java phone). Or you can opt to use RIM specific APIs that give you more BlackBerry specific functionality.
AmericanLayout create applications that users are willing to use and try right away. Clean and organized layouts, appealing aesthetics, minimalist design, and reduced complexity make applications more approachable. Since a wide range of people use BlackBerry® devices, we will design your application to cater to both experienced and inexperienced users. We will make screens, layouts, and information easy to understand so that users can learn the application and get started right away. AmericanLayout will use real world concepts and metaphors to make your application easier to understand and learn. Handle complexity using progressive disclosure so that users are not overwhelmed. Making the application look great and easy to understand gets people using it.

AmericanLayout create rich, compelling blackberry application for your users. Most users want applications to be intuitive and satisfying to use. We will consider additional attributes that are important to the majority of your users. For example, most game enthusiasts want to play entertaining, visually appealing, and challenging games. We will contrast these attributes with utility applications that need to focus on productivity and efficiency.

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