iPhone-iPad App

An iPhone® app is an application, typically developed by a company other than Apple®, and designed to be used specifically on the iPhone® or iPod Touch®. Apps work much like user-installed software on a computer and allow the phone to perform specific tasks that the user wants or needs. Users sometimes pay a small fee for the use of an app, which is downloaded directly to the phone. Apps helped make the iPhone® and other smartphones a must-have tool for many people who want instant access to information.

Types of iPhone® Apps

There are hundreds of thousands of applications available, ranging from maps and entertainment guides to business and money management. Many companies have developed iPhone® apps for marketing purposes, such as a grill manufacturer that provides recipes and grilling techniques, or musicians who create games that tie in with their latest album. Magazines, newspapers, and websites also have their own products at the App Store that allow their content to be accessed easily on the phone. Games are extremely popular; the app “Angry Birds,” which began as an iPhone® app in 2009, was so popular that it was adapted for other mobile platforms and had been downloaded at least 250 million times by mid-2011.

Our experts at AmericanLayout worked closely with you to create an exclusive iPhone-iPad app that showcases your business entire flow of products in the most attractive fashion. We work with Apple’s SDK to fully use all the iOS features to create our customer’s applications for all versions of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
Our goal is to help our clients achieve their business objectives through the power of mobile technology. We work on all major mobile platforms with a special emphasis on iOS, Android, and Blackberry app development.

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