Windows and Others

Windows programs are software applications that are run on a computer that is also running Microsoft Windows as an operating system. A software application, or program, is a set of logical conditions grouped together to perform some function. Typically a Microsoft Windows application will be run within a “window” although that is not a requirement. A “window” in the context of software is an area of the screen set aside to run a single program and may or may not have options for controlling the position and size of the program area.
Some examples of Microsoft Windows applications are:

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

There is no single right answer when choosing Windows versus Web, but many contributing factors might lead you to one solution or another. Windows applications have the best user interface and features, but they are available to the smallest audience, while Web applications have the most limited user interface features, but they are available to the broadest audience.

Use some of these determining factors to help select the right platform for you application, but keep in mind that a small application has a tendency to grow into a large application as more people discover its usefulness so keep growth factors in mind as well.

AmericanLayout developers have extensive experience with Windows application development, so you can be sure that the quality of your project and it will always be of the highest functionality. AmericanLayout team is highly experienced in many of the most popular platforms today.

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