Facebook Marketing – How Your Small Business Can Thrive With Facebook

Can Facebook actually be used to bring in leads, opportunities and sales for your small business? YES! My  clients and I do it every day.

You can’t use Facebook for your business the same way you use it for your personal life – you need a clear social strategy in place before you’ll see results. This isn’t hard to do, and can easily be achieved in 10 minute sessions a few times per week. Automate your status updates, then visit your Facebook page to prod discussions and answer questions.

Here are some of the most common questions my clients ask me about Facebook marketing:

Do I have to use Facebook’s paid advertising?

NO! Everything I teach in my Zero to Facebook online course is completely FREE – you can use Facebook to bring in leads without ever touching their paid advertising features.

What are a few Facebook marketing tips?

Engage with your audience. You’d be surprised how a small amount of time has on the number of fans on your Facebook page. Taking a few minutes a day to interact with the people on your page will make you see huge results from Facebook. Another tip is to use photos on your Facebook page. The new design displays photos prominently. Most businesses don’t feature photos. Upload a few today!

What’s a basic Facebook marketing plan?

Here’s my 3 step overview to Facebook:

Does Facebook offer business accounts? Can I create a business profile on Facebook?

You’ll need a personal profile in order to create a page for your business. “Pages” are the Facebook equivalent of Facebook business accounts.

What’s the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile?

Facebook profiles are for personal use and you are only allowed one profile per user. You can always recognize a profile page if you see the “friend” option. Only personal profiles have friends. Facebook pages on the other hand were designed to be used for businesses and you can create as many pages as you like. You’ll know you’re on a Facebook page if you see a “like” button.

How can I see who is looking at my Facebook page?

Facebook offers in-depth user data about your page, called Insights.  To find your Insights, log in to your Facebook page. You have your Admin Panel right at the top. Click “Insights” and then you just have to click on “See All”. Insights includes information on the gender, age and location of who is looking at your page, as well as which types of status updates are the most popular.

What’s unique about Facebook when compared to other marketing channels?

Unlike traditional marketing, where you can only hope that a small percentage of people you are trying to reach will pay attention to your message, on Facebook, they’re already paying attention.

You’re not popping up a billboard on the highway in the hope that you will capture someone’s interest as they drive by. Everyone who Likes your page is raising their hand and expressing their interest in learning more about your business. Your customers are already on Facebook, so why not plant your business where they already are?

How many friends can I have on Facebook?

Facebook allows you to have no more than 5,000 friends. Once you reach 5,000 you’ll simply be unable to accept new friend requests. However, Facebook pages allow an unlimited number of “likes”. This is one of the many reasons you want to use a page and not a personal profile to promote your small business on Facebook.

How do I get a custom URL on Facebook?

Custom URLs also known as “vanity URLs” are made available once 25 people like your Facebook page. This allows you to create an easy to remember Facebook URL such as Facebook.com/LKRSocialMedia instead of the long numerical URLs that are initially assigned to pages. You can find this option by clicking on “Edit Page” in the top right corner of your Facebook page, then choose your username in the “Basic Information” section.

How do I post on Facebook as my company’s page instead of my personal profile?

Facebook allows you to switch between your personal profile and your page. To make the switch, go to Account in the top right-hand corner and click on Use Facebook as Page. In the pop up window, click Switch to (your page’s name). That’s it! You’re now using Facebook as your page and can leave comments on your own or other pages.

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