FAQ Cross Platform Applications

What is cross-platform application?

A cross-platform application is an application which can run on more than one computer-platform. Any computer program or piece of software, which is able to run on multiple platforms can be termed as a cross-platform application. It is also called as multi-platform application. A platform includes the operating system, computer-architecture, programming languages and software-framework.

Refers to the capability of hardware or software to run identically on different platform. Many applications for the Macintosh and Windows, for example, now produce binary-compatible files, which mean that users can switch from one platform in the other without converting their data to a new format. Cross-platform computing is becoming increasingly important as LAN (Local Area Network) become better at linking machines of different types. Corona is the platform of choice for cross platform mobile app development. Whether you are building games, utilities, eBooks or business apps, Corona is the leading development framework  of mobile.

Which is the better approach – device-centric or application-centric?

The device-centric approach implies adapting the application to the UI model provided in the device. This approach makes it easy for the user understanding. There is, however, one problem in this approach. In case the current platform does not support the any user interface functionality of the said application, the cost of development will turn out to be very high and the app may still not function at the optimum level on the said device.

The application-centric approach implies that the application would be developed in such any way as to have the same look and feel across diverse platforms. This approach could create serious problems, like the app may not at fully fit the underlying device user interface model. Hence, the entire user-end experience would be severely affected. Of course, this approach would work very well for applications that are consistent in the underlying device model.

Is building auto-adjusting application the answer?

It would be a great idea to create an intrinsically intelligent, auto-adjusting application, in which could intuitively analyze the device interface model in which it is meant to run. This could theoretically be achieved by using a transcoder that could translate the application interface across multiple devices.

How to develop cross platform applications using Java?

Java is platform independent it will work on all mobile devices. So I want to create an application in java language and that should run on iOS, blackberry, Android and all mobile Platforms.

This is based on a misconception. Java’s claim of platform independence does not literally mean that Java will run on many platforms. There are probably many of platform types that do not and won’t ever run Java.

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