1. What is HTML:- HTML is the “language” in that web pages are written in. – in fact, HTML stands for “hypertext mark-up language. It is the language that computers/Browsers read in order to understand web sites.

2. How Do I Learn HTML:- It is, of course, many books and courses devoted to teaching you HTML, but if we have some time and persistence, you can learn basic HTML coding techniques on many websites online, for free. Type a query such as (free HTML tutorial) into your favorite search engine, and you will be amazed at the number of helpful sites will will find. In our suggestion, W3 Schools will be best for you.

3. How do I start?
It is a basic HTML document layout:

<TITLE>Hello world</TITLE>
(Note:- The words between the TITLE HTML tags, in this case, ” Hello world ” will show up on the header line of browsers viewing the web sites, and also, it will be the default title when the page is added to a  web browser’s favorites or bookmarks.)

<BODY BGCOLOR=”#fffff” TEXT=”#00000″ LINK=”#cc000″ VLINK=”#00066″ ALINK=”#fff00″>

<H1> Hello world </H1>

(Note: The following is how to make hyper link “Snowhawk’s”  to the Web page like http://www.snowhawk.com/)

This is the code for a hyperlink. <A HREF=”http://www.snowhawk.com/”>Snowhawk’s</A>


It is the basic beginnings of writing an HTML tags file. We save it in notepad, word, in any text editor, that file extinction will be .html or .htm if your system does not allow 4 characters for the file type. Then you FTP the file to your server. Your (Internet Service Provider) will give you their FTP address of where to upload your HTML files.


4. How do I change the color of my background or text?
Now we are changing background color and text color:
<BODY BGCOLOR=”#fffff” TEXT=”#0000″ LINK=”#cc000″ VLINK=”#0006″ ALINK=”#fff00″>
TEXT: the color you want to designate for your regular text

BGCOLOR: is the color you want for the background color
LINK: the color for new text links

* Color for more detail of color codes: Web Safe Color Chart and also on   Non-Dithering Colors by Hue

To change the color of a word, or sentence text color, you put <FONT COLOR=”#cc000″> before the text you want colored, and </FONT>.

5. How do I use a picture as the background?
Change background within a graphical file

<BODY BACKGROUND=”abc.gif” BGCOLOR=”#fffff” TEXT=”#00000″ LINK=”#cc000″ VLINK=”#000066″ ALINK=”#ffff00″>
(Note: the “bgcolor” means background color. This way, the browser will display the color you designate while the background graphic is loading.)

6. How do I align text next to a graphic?
The including the “align” element in the “img” HTML tag .
<IMG SRC=”abc.jpg” WIDTH=”35″ HEIGHT=”15″ ALIGN=”top” BORDER=”1″ ALT=”abc photo”> Photo of abc in Texas</A>

7. How do I make a new paragraph?

Tag <p> for paragraph, inserting the <P> tag at the beginning of your paragraph will drop the text down three lines. Tag<BR> , it will drop your text down one line, It is for break line.)


8. How do I make center any text, or image?
To center any text, or image, we begin the line with the center tag:

<CENTER><FONT SIZE=”-1″ COLOR=”#00900″>Hello world</FONT></CENTER>

9. How do I make text show as bold?
The Placing <B>tag before the text will make everything bold, until you close the tag with</B> (Or we can use <STRONG>tags</STRONG >then will get same result.)

10. How do I make text show in italics?
The Placing <I>tag before the text will make everything in italics; until you close the tag with</I> (Or we can use<EM> tags</EM >then will get same result.