Video Productions

Video production is the process of creating, shooting, editing and managing a video, from the initial idea through to delivery of the finished product. Video production is a three-part process. Depending on the actual video, the process can be either relatively straightforward or highly complex.

The three stages are:

Pre-production, where the video is prepared for ‘shooting’ (filming). It usually includes most of the following:

  • developing and agreeing a storyboard and a total running time
  • producing the shooting script
  • choosing and finding equipment (cameras, autocue, sound recording, lights), sets, locations, props, graphics facilities and music
  • putting together the production team, which can include some or all of the following: actors/presenter, director, videographer(s), graphic designer, sound engineer, continuity person, props builder and buyer
  • Production, where the video is actually shot. It usually involves:

  • rehearsal, to make sure everyone understands what each scene or action involves
  • script amendments, if needed, to take in last-minute changes or production issues
  • shooting, which could involve several takes of the same scene
  • sound recording, which usually happens with the shooting, but is sometimes needed separately for special sound effects or over-dubbing
  • Post-production, where all of the elements are put together into a final video. It usually includes:

  • graphics production, including any special digital effects
  • caption generation and titling
  • editing
  • dubbing and overlaying music
  • adding sound effects