Visual Basic – C# – C++

Visual Basic: – Visual Basic is high level programming language developed in the farm of Microsoft. Visual Basic evolved from the earlier DOS version called BASIC. The best part of this programming language is that its very easy programming language to learn for beginners   The code is very easy, it look a lot like English Language. Different software companies produced different versions of BASIC, such as Microsoft QBASIC, GWBASIC , QUICKBASIC, IBM BASICA and so on. However, people prefer to use Microsoft VB today, as it is a well developed programming language and supporting resources are available everywhere.

The Visual Basic 6.0 was not fully OOP. Now, these days many versions of VB exist in the market, the most popular one and still widely used by many Visual Basic programmers is none other than Visual Basic 6. We also have, VB2005, VB2008 and the latest VB2010. Both Vb2008 and VB2010 are fully supporting to object oriented programming (OOP) language. For more detail of OOP please visit at Object Oriented Programming.


C#:- C# pronounced “see-sharp.” It is like hybrid of C and C++, C# is a Microsoft programming language developed to compete with Sun’s Java language. It is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language used with XML-based Web services on the .NET platform and designed for improving productivity in the development of Web applications. In the C #programming language we can develop both web application and desktop application. C# boasts type-safety, simplified type declarations, garbage collection, versioning and scalability support, and other features that make developing solutions faster and very easy, especially for COM+ and Web services. It is approx similar to Java in it is syntax in a major difference being that all variable types are descended from a common ancestor class. For more detail of C# please visit at Overview of C#.

C++:- C++ is high level programming language. C++ Program is a set of Instructions and a Programmer is that who develops the program. If a programmer is creating a project then programmer must use a language called as the programming language. C++ is an object oriented programming (OOP) language. C++ maintains aspects of the C language, yet has features which simplify memory management. C++ is superset of C. C programs can run in C++ compilers. C is structured programming concepts and techniques while C++ is object oriented programming and classes which focus on data. For more detail of OOP please visit at Object Oriented Programming.

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