Graphic Design

In definition of graphic design . The graphic design is profession of visual communication that combines words, images and ideas to convey information to an audience.  A graphic designer is responsible for arranging and using elements on many types of media (like a poster, or a website a package), most likely with the use of a graphics software program like Adobe Illustrator or In Design. These elements include, Photoshop:

The Graphic design is all around you. It is in your morning paper, on the cover of our favorite books, and on our commute to work. The most common forms include:

  1. Logos
  2. Websites
  3. Business Cards
  4. Advertisements
  5. Book Design
  6. Brochures
  7. Billboards
  8. Product Packaging
  9. Posters
  10. Magazine Layout
  11. Greeting Cards
  12. Newspaper Layout

This list barely cracks the surface..ticket stubs, , matchbooks, skateboards, train schedules, countless and credit cards other products and everyday items every utilize graphic design. Graphic designers work on drawn, photographed, painted, or computer-generated images, but they also design the letterforms that make up various typefaces found in TV ads and movie credits; magazines, in books, and menus; and even on computer screens. Designers create, choose, and organize these elements-typography, images,  and “white space” around them-to communicate a message. Graphic design is a part of our daily life. From humble things like gum wrappers to huge things like billboards to the T-shirt you are wearing, graphic design informs, organizes, persuades, stimulates, identifies, locates, attracts attention and provides pleasure.

In image based design designers develop images to represent the ideas their clients want to communicate. Images can be incredibly compelling and powerful tools of communication, conveying not only information but also emotions and moods. People respond to images instinctively based on their associations, personalities and previous experience. Like, you know that a chili pepper is very hot, and this knowledge in combination in the image creates a visual pun. In image-based design, the images must carry the entire message; there are few if some words to help. These images may be photographic, drawn, painted or graphically rendered in many different-different ways.

For Logo design, AmericanLayout based on the information that you will provide, can sort out 2 initial schematic designs. After the agreement on one as a primary design, we fine tune and adjust up to 3 revisions. The whole process normally takes between 3 to 4 days. The format for your logo can be either PNG or JPEG, we can also convert it to any format you ask for. Please send us your thoughts and your ideas how the logo should reflect your services. It can be image base, text base or hybrid.


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