Updates – Re-design

When your website or small business information changes, it’s important to update your website so that it is not unattended and out of date. Website update can be a hassle if you are busy doing other things or don’t want to maintain it yourself. However Updating your website in a timely fashion will let your website visitors know what’s happening today and will increase your website visibility on search engines. Among other things, website updates are excellent for:

  • Offering new products or services
  • Adding functionality to your website (blogs, e-commerce, etc.)
  • Announcing upcoming and past events
  • Newsletters
  • Updating out-of-date information
  • Customer questions better answered on the website than by phone or email
  • Additional informational steps in the read-to-purchase cycle
  • Effective graphical illustrations of your products and services
  • Recoding slow-to-download sites; updating code
  • Anything other than wholesale website redesign
  • Website Re-design

    If your website doesn’t convince your target market to take action, lacks a few capabilities, or just needs a complete makeover, we can help. Redesigns can make an old website professional and they can also bring high traffic to an invisible site. It should go without saying, but SEOs, developers and designers must work together cohesively during the site redesign process. Starting the redesign process with a collaborative call between the SEO team, designer, developer, and company decision maker(s) is always the best first step.

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